At The Goldstein Group we have been fortunate to work with a number of incredible clients over the years. Below are testimonials from some of those clients.

I have worked with Ken several times in a few different capacities. I can say each experience has proven valuable to not only myself but the organization I have worked for. My latest experience with Ken was centered around Career Coaching. Ken was able to helpe me see various points of view while allowing me to make decisions and move forward in positive way. I truly value his professionalism, caring attitude and diligence to help the people he works with.

Darcy Payne
Senior Director, Leasing

I’ve known Ken for several years and have engaged his company multiple time to help me select the best candidate for a position. Not only does Ken provide exceptional value and service in a wide array of HR-related activities, but he is able to share his insights and wisdom gained from a wealth of experience in his field.  I value his honest, thoughtful counsel delivered with a great sense of humor and look forward to working with him again.

Rob Beamish
Director, Supply Chain Support Services TransCanada

Ken Goldstein acted as consultant for me for a period of six months while my practice was undergoing a major transition. With his help we were able to transform the front reception area from a place of turmoil to one ofrelative calm. He helped to place the right people in the right place and replaced those that did not fit into the team. Thanks to him, we now have goals and a purpose for the practice, as well as defined policies and procedures for staff to follow.

I would not hesitate to recommend him as consultant to any dental office going through a tough transition and requiring stabilization.

Dr. Ha Nguyen
Marlborough Park Dental Care

I want to extend a personal “thank you” for helping me bridge a communication gap with one of my staff members.

I am referring to Caitlin. Caitlin and I are intelligent, educated, and articulate individuals. However, we seemed to struggle to communicate to each other, and this was causing some frustration for both of us. We worked through the difficulties as best we could, and managed to meet each other halfway to accomplish our goals. As a supervisor, I was having difficulty finding ways to motivate Caitlin as she was working well beneath her potential. Caitlin is brilliant, and I needed to tap into what I saw as possible star performance.

Then, thanks to you and your DISC analysis, everything changed.

Caitlin and I had our analyses done by you. You asked if I “got along with Caitlin?” You then explained that because our profiles were so similar, and that our communication styles were nearly identical, we would not be able to reach each other.

I met with Caitlin after you had left. I shared my DISC analysis with her. I told Caitlin that you had said we would not be able to work together and why. Lights went on for the both of us. Spurred on by the challenge of proving you wrong, we worked closely together on some complex projects. We both put in the effort to work together, and the projects themselves were secondary.

The work we produced together was exceptional. More importantly, we bonded intellectually. The more we worked together, the stronger and easier the communication became.

Caitlin performs at an exceptional level, and her ability to anticipate the needs of our department has improved exponentially.

I attribute this success to bull-headed determination on our part, and invaluable information that came from you. You provided the tools we needed to build a bridge.

Thank you.

Kirk Mathews,
Supervisor, Client Support

The Alberta New Home Warranty Program

Edon Management has been utilizing Ken Goldstein of gcentric to complete employee behavioral assessments and assist with human resource management over the past two years.

We have found Ken to be a valuable consulting resource in building our business teams. He has been readily available to communicate with and meet with team members to provide valuable people management services in a cost effective manner. More importantly, Ken has shown the ability to quickly comprehend Edon’s business practices and culture and offer sound people management advice. His involvement has ensured that the cornerstone of good human resource management are in place in order to facilitate strong future growth.

Ken and gcentric have enabled our company to move to the next level and I look forward to working together in the future.

Ed Lazdowski
Edon Management

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