Shoebox Bookkeeping

At The Goldstein Group, we know that most small business owners hate bookkeeping!

  • Have you been tossing all of your invoices and receipts into a box and hoping the books will somehow do themselves?
  • Are you receiving notices from CRA requesting that you file returns?
  • Do you have multiple years of bookkeeping backlog, or even just a large stack of paper for this year that you don’t have time to deal with?
  • Are you stressed by the growing piles of paper that you never find time to deal with?

The Goldstein Group can help!

We specialize in turning bookkeeping chaos into organized financial records. Bring us your shoeboxes full of paper and we’ll return them as organized files and complete company files in Sage 50.

No backlog is too large!

Some of the Bookkeeping services we offer are:

  • “On going” Quarterly or Monthly Bookkeeping
  • Annual Statement Preparation
  • Preparation and Distribution of Sales Invoices
  • Accounting Software Support
  • Setup of Chart of Accounts
  • Accounting Software Training

Let The Goldstein Group help you get on track with your financial records and give you peace of mind so you can focus on what you do best.


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