Financial/Accounting Setup for Businesses

As a business owner, tracking your businesses finances is crucial to measuring your companies success. Effective money management is a cornerstone to the success and sustainability of any business. At The Goldstein Group we can work with you to help you keep track of your businesses finances.

Some questions you need to ask are:

  • Are you starting a new business or expanding your current business?
  • Is accounting/bookkeeping and financial reporting a mystery to you?
  • Do you want to be sure that you’re creating good financial records from the start?

The Goldstein Group meets with you to get an overview of your business and your deliverables, your asset base, revenues and expenses (including payroll and labour costs) and then sets up or revises your books.  We ensure you have reports that will keep you up to speed on your bottom line and provide the information you need to maintain cash flow, track revenues and expenses and make decisions using information specific to your needs as a company.

A good accounting setup ensures that your accountant has all the information they need at year end to file returns with CRA (Canada Revenue Agency), as well as providing regular reporting that allows you to stay on top of your receivables, payables and payroll, manage your inventory, review the profitability of divisions within your company and the productivity of partners or practitioners.

We work with Sage 50 (formerly Simply Accounting) to ensure that you have all the financial information you need at your fingertips. Additionally we provide hands-on-training in Sage 50 Accounting software.

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