The Goldstein Group Process

At The Goldstein Group, whenever we are called in to assess a client’s needs  we adhere to the  ROAR principle.

ROAR is short for the following:

  • Review
  • Observe
  • Analyze
  • Recommend

By using the ROAR method, we can provide your organization with an unbiased picture of how your organization may be operating.

At The Goldstein Group, we will do a comprehensive analysis of the wants and needs of your specific business. It is our focus to look for what you are doing right, not at what you may be doing wrong. Finally we will work with you to help create the solutions your business needs in order to thrive!

At The Goldstein Group we user the following principles to guide our process:

It is our goal to work with you to find custom people solutions for your business needs

We build on success, not speculation

We will help define a shared outcome for your staff and business

Our clients are key players in our process

Let’s begin working together to create a positive shared outcome for your business!

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