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Ken Goldstein

Ken Goldstein

Ken Goldstein is the founder, CEO and Managing Director of The Goldstein Group and gcentric™.  The Goldstein Group was created in 2010 after operating as Goldcorp Ventures Inc. from 1989 -2010.  Shelley Goldstein joined the group as a Principal at the beginning of 2015.

Shelley Goldstein began her career working in library systems first in Germany and then in Calgary. These experiences allowed her to enhance her organizational skills and develop an understanding of the value of processes and procedures, and of attention to detail.

She put those skills and that knowledge to use for more than 2 decades as the manager at a small law firm from its founding in the early eighties. She developed business processes and procedures for the firm and trained the support staff in their implementation on an ongoing basis. She added bookkeeping and payroll training to her skills, handling all of the accounting, GST, corporate tax and payroll functions for the firm.

Following that, Shelley operated a company offering bookkeeping, payroll and business services to a varied client base which included sole practitioner law firms, a dental clinic, retail enterprises, and companies offering services in the trades, as well as acting as Business Manager and Controller for an IT Infrastructure Reseller before joining The Goldstein Group.

All of these experiences allowed Shelley to work in multiple types of business models and environments, analyze them and ascertain what was working well and what wasn’t working as effectively. She draws upon those experiences today in her work with The Goldstein Group.

Shelley works with clients to identify and define the company’s culture, create or improve their business and financial  processes and procedures, set up or revise their accounting system, provide assistance in training office staff in office procedures, as well as providing training in Sage 50 accounting software.  As part of the Goldstein Group she also has developed a “shoebox” bookkeeping service.

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